Bienvenido    आपका स्वागत है  Accueil     நல்வரவு   Willkommen    ยินดีต้อนรับ
bamukelekile   ترحيب   bem-vindo   ਸੁਆਗਤ    kuwakaribisha   
selamat datang    karşılama     benvenuto    soo dhaweyn     chào đón  

Bamboo is a community open to all people who seek to live a life of deep connection with others and all creation, grounded in the mystery that underpins our lives. Seeking to be 'contemplatives in action' we affirm life, love and justice through our commitment to three foundational principles:

We aim to express this commitment within and across all the domains of our lives - personal, family, community and the broader society.


Connecting and nurturing people around the world, across faiths and cultures, who are seeking to live their understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life, expressed through their daily actions that reflect their commitment to living simply, solidarity and contemplation.


There are many different ways to connect with Bamboo. You can simply check out the website or follow Bamboo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to join in the conversation. If you want to become a member of the Bamboo community, register online via the 'Join the community' form, located on each page of this website. There are members of Bamboo in countries right across the world - from a wide variety of backgrounds including different cultures, faiths (and no faith), ages, occupations.

All members receive a weekly email with a reflection quote and a monthly email with news and highlights from the Bamboo community around the world. As a member you can also join online discussions on particular themes; or if you're wanting to share at a more personal level you can be part of a small group - possibly in your local area or by joining an online group.

Action is an essential component of Bamboo - putting the Bamboo principles into practice. As a member, you can choose how you want to engage, depending on your preference and current circumstances. You might already have lots of ways you're living out the Bamboo principles and being part of Bamboo might be a way of connecting with others who share the same commitment and values. Or you might be seeking new ways to give expression to your values.

Bamboo is yours. It's for you. Take it up as you find helpful. Invite others in. There are a number of ways to engage. Welcome!